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Eternity’s Brink – Episode 20 — Stop Black Tax!

Black Tax and White Benefits—Stop Black Tax! So, what should we do about God’s obvious love of great variety and the fact that no scientific or biblical evidence is to be found for the common view of race? The answer to this question is a simple one but far from being...

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Eternity’s Brink – Episode 16 — Still a Narrow Road

I have already said quite a lot in this series about how highly Jesus valued the quality and practice of servanthood. I will dedicate the next episode to the hospital staff who served me in amazing and often challenging ways—all with a smile! But does servanthood...

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Eternity’s Brink–Episode 14–Our Dual Existence

Aside from those who supposedly have multiple personalities, all of us are two people in one. My favorite passage in the Bible, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 makes our dual nature clear and also what our focus should be in light of that nature. Look at verse 16: “Therefore we...

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Eternity’s Brink–Episode 13–A Sobering Reality

A Night to Remember! As I shared one part of my hospital story with my friend Otoma Edje via email, he made this comment: “What you share about ‘getting your house in order’ is very sobering.” Early in my hospital stay, as I’ve said, I was in bad enough shape that the...

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Eternity’s Brink–Episode 12–Surrender’s Spectrum

On the Spectrum of Surrender (Surrender’s Spectrum) The second book I wrote was “The Victory of Surrender.” Although written long ago, it has remained the “crowd favorite.” As I have continued to wrestle with my view of God and the nature of my relationship with him,...

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Eternity’s Brink–Episode 11–Influence Multiplied

The Fruits of Servanthood 4 (Influence Multiplied) Through the years, I have had many leaders in many situations. I only remember details about two types and two types only: those who were harsh and those who were servants. Both types have led me to pray a lot. The...

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