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A Request As you may know, Jeanie Shaw and I each had books published very recently. They share much in common, both addressing the hermeneutics of our family of churches within the Restoration Movement, the role of women in church settings and spiritual formation. Jeanie writes mostly about hermeneutical issues, using the women’s roles as an illustration, whereas I focus on the women’s roles, showing how our hermeneutics affect our view of those roles. Interestingly, our books ended up being rather connected by Amazon (as in “Frequently bought together”). If you read and enjoyed either or both of our books, we would appreciate having you write a review on Amazon. That would encourage those who are not familiar with us personally to consider buying our books. Thank you so much! ... See MoreSee Less
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In our present societal setting, no topic is receiving more attention than LGBTQ+ issues. Many Christians are asking how they and their church should view the many aspects of these issues. Discussions have been confusing and often missing the Bible’s admonition to always combine love and truth. I watched an 8-minute video a couple of days ago, done by Guy Hammond of the “Strength in Weakness” ministries. Guy is himself a same sex attracted person with a homosexual background prior to becoming a Christian. In this video, Guy had his own question to ask and answer: “Is a Church’s stance on LGBTQ+ worthy of separation?” His answers might surprise you. His short video provides one of the best brief answers I have seen. I urge you to watch it. ... See MoreSee Less
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