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Another Health UpdateJust over a month ago, I posted a health update that to me, included a number of providential miracles as God led me to the best options for dealing with the cancer I had been diagnosed with one month prior. It culminated in three tests in the hospital which did not detect cancer. The whole sequence was amazing, and I wrote to thank all of you for your concern, love, encouragement and especially your prayers. Here is a part of one paragraph from that posting, one that now requires further explanation.“None of the tests showed any cancer. The doctor is looking for answers, requesting the actual pathology slides to have her pathology department read them. She is also having me see a surgeon to examine me and make sure there is no suspicious tissue that could later develop into cancer.”Those pathology slides were reexamined by my current health provider, and I did see a surgeon a week ago. The old slides did show cancer, as expected, but they also showed no margins, meaning that some cancer could still be present in my body. The surgeon had the same opinion after the surgical examination and removal of tissue for another pathology test. When I asked how cancer could be present after very thorough tests had not shown any, the explanation was that the tests would have shown a mass or a tumor but not necessarily the presence of microscopic cancer cells. I just received a pathology report today from the procedure last week, and there were cancer cells present in the biopsy. The good news is that by God’s providence I still ended up with the best provider for a second opinion and subsequent treatment which will now be necessary (radiation and chemo). Further, the cancer appears to be contained in a small location, seems not to be an aggressive type and most likely has not spread. Thank you again for all of your prayers and please keep them coming! Compared to what the report could have been and compared with what others are facing, especially my brothers and sisters in the Ukraine, it is still a day of positive news for me! I love you and may God bless you for your prayers – for me and for so many others who need them far more than I do! ... See MoreSee Less

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