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It is the purpose of this column on the web site to provide biblical answers to questions that are difficult, and for that reason, perhaps debatable.  But since they are asked at times by those with questioning minds, they deserve to be addressed.   While my intent is not to be controversial in this column, neither is it to avoid challenging topics.  When different answers are given by brothers who are well-grounded biblically, that should tell us two things:  one, not all biblical subjects are made totally clear in Scripture; and two, since that is the case, we had best avoid dogmatism on such subjects.  Some topics are clarified quite well in the Bible, others have little or nothing mentioned about them (thus remaining a mystery), while still others have only enough mentioned about them to allow us to reach tentative conclusions.  It is the questions falling into that third category that this column will most often address.

Since these questions may require some detail in answering them, new questions and answers will be added at a rate that my present teaching schedule allows. My original plan was to add a question of this type once or twice per month, but I have been unable to accomplish this due to a very packed schedule (and due to raising my gift of procrastination to an art form level!). However, feel free to send in questions that you would like to see answered.  They may or may not find their way into this column, but they will be given due consideration.  May you enjoy the reading and be prompted to dig into Scripture more deeply for yourself!