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 This section of the web site contains my personal articles that address a variety of topics for a variety of types of readers.  Many of these articles have been posted on other web sites, such as Disciples Today and various web sites of churches.  Some have been posted on the web site of my local congregation, the Phoenix Valley Church of Christ (  Others have been posted on the Greater Houston Church web site ( since I have been working closely with them for the past couple of years. This web site also contains quite a few audio sermons I have preached there in recent months.

My articles have been written over quite a span of time, which should be kept in mind by the reader.  Although some editing and updating of articles may be a possibility, many need to remain in their original context in order to make complete sense.  Therefore, the date on which the article was written will be included at the end of many articles, to help give the readers a context.  While I might word some things differently if I were writing them today, the timing of the writing sheds some light on where I was at the time of writing and on where our movement of churches was when I wrote the original document.  The benefit of taking this approach is that some important historical aspects become obvious.  The possible downside is if the reader doesn’t take into account my progress as a writer or the progress of our movement.  Thus, I ask for your grace as you read older articles especially!

When I add new articles to the web site (which may or may not be newly written), they will appear at the top of the list. The longer they have been on the site, the further down the list they will be. For those of you who have already read the other articles, this will help you spot the new ones more easily. God bless you for taking the time to read and learn.  True disciples of Jesus will always maintain a thirst for growth in knowledge and in life generally.  May this column provide some help with those worthy endeavors.