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Biblical Interpretation and HarmonyAs expected, my article “Once Saved, Always Saved” did garner some reaction and disagreement. As I said, I’m not going to engage in debate tactics within Facebook responses, although I’m always willing to carry on further discussions via email, as I noted in posting the article. Here is a thought about biblical interpretation. Any teaching that is accepted by any branch of the Christian faith can seemingly find support by quoting some verses that appear to “prove” the teaching under consideration. The question is whether all passages addressing the topic can be interpreted in a biblically unified way. The responses in disagreement with my article merely quoted verses that appear to support their viewpoint. No attempts to explain the verses that clearly contradict that view were made. I have no problem with the passages others gave, since I did provide the exegetical basis with which to explain them, described so clearly by Robert Shank in his books, namely that the saved believer is one who continues to believe. I mentioned a number of passages in my article which demonstrate that a saved believer can indeed become an unbeliever again and be lost. Pitting verse against verse is not real exegesis, but that is what those with the differing view do, in my opinion. I can explain logically and biblically every passage others have quoted using the exegetical principle mentioned above, but I would welcome email responses that try to do the same with the passages I quoted. I’ve never seen it done convincingly. But consistent biblical interpretation calls for that. A growing number of evangelical scholars agree, whether the average evangelical preacher does or not. The security of the believer is a beautiful biblical doctrine; the security of the unbeliever is a false one. ... See MoreSee Less

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